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Be sure to call the library at 596-0022 before venturing out to the library on days when there is considerable snow to be plowed. Our parking lot may be cleared but our volunteers may not be able to get out of their driveways so it's best to check. We will not consider books overdue if we're closed, and you won't be charged a fine.

In the meantime, on days when you head to the store to stock up for an upcoming storm, don't forget to stop by the library and stock up on books to keep you company while you're snowed in. They don't require any power, except if you want to stay up late to finish a good one- then you'll need that trusty flashlight under the covers!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Service Available - E books are here!

Popular E-Books are now available from The Maine InfoNet Overdrive Collection

Many of us are anticipating getting an e-reader soon, and others simply want to be able to read the latest books as soon as they come out without having to leave the comforts of home.  Now thanks to your local library, you have access to over 1000 ebooks for free.

Your South Thomaston Library Card is all you need to access this collection.

Note! This collection is offered through Overdrive, the current leader in the e-book lending market. The e-books available here can be read on Mac or PC computers, and can be transferred to the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader, Borders Kobo, and more (full guide to compatible devices).

Unfortunately, these e-books cannot be read on Amazon Kindles or Apple iPads due to licensing and format incompatibility. 

Here's an easy How-To:
Step 1: Visit the Overdrive Download Library. There are almost 1,400 free e-books available and

Step 2: Download the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Software to your computer (this is the software required to read e-book content).
  • Click on the Quick Start Guide to download the software, Adobe will prompt you to create a free Adobe ID
  • Once you launch the ADE software, it will prompt you to authorize your computer
Step 3: Search for the e-book you want on the Overdrive site (Limit! Only up to 3 e-books at a time)
  • If it’s available, select a 7 or 14 day loan period from the drop-down menu, then click Add to Cart
  • If it’s already checked-out to someone else, click Place a Hold, provide your email address and Overdrive will notify you when it becomes available
  • When you have chosen the e-book(s) you want to check-out, clickProceed To Checkout
  • Download your checked-out e-books to ADE
Step 4: Read e-books on your computer in the ADE software 

  • If ADE does not open automatically, launch it from your programs menu
  • If the item is not showing, click on Library at the top of the window
Step 5: Transfer an e-book to your e-reader device from your computer.
  • Connect your device to your computer via the USB port
  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • When Adobe recognizes your device, agree to let it authorize this device (like you did with your computer)
  • When authorization is complete, an icon for your device will appear in the left column under “Bookshelves”
  • Click and drag the e-book title from your Adobe “Library” to this device icon (green + icon will appear) and let go
  • Depending on the device, you may need to “check for the new content”in order to see the downloaded e-books files.

Wherever you read your e-book, it is “due” either 7 or 14 days after you checked it out from Overdrive, depending on which option you chose. (A diagonal ribbon across the book cover shows the remaining check-out days.)
If you finish with the item sooner than the due date, you can check it back in to Overdrive early to be eligible to check-out another e-book (3 items max). To check-in the e-book, go to Adobe Digital Editions, in the Book Cover view of your Library, click once on the item you want to return to highlight it. Then click the arrow near the upper left corner of the book cover and choose Return Borrowed Item from the short menu.
Once you return it from your Adobe library, it is removed from your  computer, but it remains on your e-reader device and you can continue reading it for the remaining loan period. If, however, you wait until the e-book expires, the file remains on your reader and your computer but becomes unreadable, so you need to choose to delete it. 

Click for more information about how to use the DownloadLibrary e-books.

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